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An information system that facilitates the charging of electric cars, as well as monetization and management of charging stations.

Electromobility is no longer a matter of the distant future; on the contrary, it is slowly becoming a reality even here. We are extremely proud to have been able to contribute to the development of this segment. For the company Seak, we created a communication protocol for charging electric vehicles.

After connecting the car to the electric charger, users can open the application via a QR code, allowing them to remotely start the charging process. The information system supports charging the car without any registration, and this can be done from any country within the EU.

Technical version

The Seak Charge project is a comprehensive information system that provides the charging of electric vehicles, monetization and management of charging stations. We took over the project from the previous supplier and we continue to develop the connection of the hardware part of the charging station and the backend via the OCPP communication protocol.

Part of the project is the incorporation of support for new charging stations and the creation of a universal solution for different manufacturers of chargers.

We have not only developed a communication protocol with the HW part, but we have also worked together on a protocol that makes charging stations for electric cars available throughout the European Union. We created a unique, futuristic stylized graphics and web interface for the project based on React technology.

The information system has its own administration interface, in which it is possible to define different charging prices according to the operation, manage charging stations and create profiles for different groups of clients, to whom it is then possible to offer certain charging benefits.

The whole solution is based on Microsoft Azure cloud. Azure cloud provides complete statistics on portal usage, server utilization, and reports in the event of a system problem.

The application communicates with several databases – among others the Mongo database for system logging, for which extremely fast data entry was requested, and the PostgreSQL database for information system data management.

From the user’s point of view, the charging station is operated by scanning the QR code, which is located on the station itself. After scanning, a web window will automatically open, where you can charge your car after logging in. The Seak Charge project also allows anonymous car charging, making it a truly unique solution. In the case of paid charging, the C# backend processes the payment through the payment gateway and generates a bill.

The project has been certified by the Hubject eRoaming service. The connection of Seak Charge with Hubject enables the use of charging stations throughout Europe by those users who have enabled eRoaming car charging.

Support for eRoaming charging

Seak Charge makes it easy to travel around the EU by electric car and takes care of the charging. Thanks to the certification and connection of our system with the eRoaming service Hubject, we have been able to ensure that users can charge their electric cars throughout Europe (in countries where charging electric cars is allowed).

In practice, all you have to do is find the nearest suitable charging station via the application, book it and then access it. The application also supports anonymous charging without the need for registration.

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Software project for car charging via the Hubject platform. Easy connection of the mobile application and your electric car.
Web administration with a map portal that displays individual charging stations and can control them.

Easy administration and monetization of your charging station

Seak Charge has its own administration interface, in which it is possible to define different charging prices for different stations as well as manage said charging stations. Station operators can also define specific profiles for different groups of clients, thus having the option to offer more advantageous charging conditions.

In the case of paid charging, the backend system ensures the processing of payments through a payment gateway and sends a generated proof of payment.

Our entire solution is based on Microsoft Azure cloud. In case of any problem, we have access to complete statistics and reports on the use of the server and we can solve it immediately.

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