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Outsourcing our
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Can't keep up with the project?

Hire our stellar experts.

We offer software capacity outsourcing. More than 5 years of experience in outsourcing in Slovakia and abroad. Quality developer = quality code. Worked more than 70,000 hours of work on contractor projects.

5 years of experience
22 + completed projects
45 000 + hours of work

Why outsourcing

Cost savings

You hire experts for specific tasks or projects. You don't have to keep them at the company after the end of the project. Avoid the cost of training employees. Outsourcing offers instant experts to a project that might otherwise have downtime.

Easy access to experts

Finding professionals in the labor market is becoming increasingly difficult. Outsourcing provides you with the necessary capacity for a project immediately. It can take months to train your own employees. Outsourcing provides capacity instantly.

Streamlining development

Don't waste time looking for candidates. Meet seasoned experts.

What we can offer you

React Native

Mobile applications

Development of ready-made apps, according to your needs.

Mobile applications are a matter of the heart for our experts. We offer outsourcing of their development for iOS as well as Android devices, and thanks to extensive experience with various technologies, you can have your application in native or hybrid form.

More about technologies

Specializing in Java technologies

Development of API and backend systems is a breeze for us.

Our developers have many years of experience with the development of backend systems and connecting them with information systems. The design of programming new APIs, as well as connection to external services through existing APIs is a given. For backend systems, API development is modular and our stellar team prides itself on focusing on code quality and automated testing.

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Presentation layer

Quality packaging for a quality product.

Every application includes what the end user sees, and with an efficient UI and UX, any system can be significantly more accessible and easier to use. Our team will design graphics and mockups of individual screens for the presentation layer of information systems as well as hybrid mobile applications and will ensure that users are not lost while using your product.

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