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JISCD - Unified information system for road transport

2014 - 2016 Kedros a.s. | Tempest a.s.

Creation of an information system for the registration of subjects in the Slovak information registry. Our main share in the project was the creation of a backend for data registration and management.

Slovak electronic toll

2019 - 2020 Kedros a.s.

Creation of new functionalities for a supported electronic toll project. Support and programming of new functionalities with OBU devices, creation of a Rest communication interface, Backend development, creation of forms in the admin via JSF.

SkytollGis - Graphic information system

2012 – 2014 | 2019-2020 Kedros a.s.

Creating a GIS project for Skytoll. The system visualized and evaluated rides on Slovak highways and displayed more than 30 map data on highways, connected to external systems.

SLC Logomotion (Japan)

2017 - 2019 Logomotion

Driver development for special hardware for desktop and mobile platforms. Development of security applications via JavaCard – Mifare, Desfire protocol. Collaboration with Japanese and German partners during API development.

ELENA - electronic auctions for the Public procurement office

2020 ProWise, a. s. | EkoAuris PLUS, s.r.o.

Development of electronic auctions for Slovak public procurement (competitor for the EVO portal). System design, creation of a framework for the application, connection to external services, development. Preparation for project certification.

CWS - Ceda GIS system

2019 - 2020

Programming a GIS system that visualized data into a map base. Route calculation for car movement, work with rasters and vectors via OpenLayers and ReactJS.

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