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Smart managment of ski bus traffic for the TRM Jasná resort.

For the Jasná ski resort, we created a project to manage the ski bus shuttle service. Our totems, which are located at ski bus stops, together with dispatch and a mobile application, take care of the comfortable transport of skiers. The app informs skiers about the current conditions on the slope and the time of arrival of the shuttle service.

The ski resort is equipped with Smart bus stops, which we supplied to very specific requirements. Together with the mobile application, they offer skiers and other visitors a complete overview of the resort, including all bus arrivals and their occupancy. Instead of waiting, users know how to plan their trip in advance.

Technical version

We covered the delivery of the information system for the control of the ski bus on the software side of the project, as well as the hardware side.

We created tailor-made Smart stops – multi-row LED panels with service hardware, support for SIM cards and easy communication with a web server for complete, remote device diagnostics. Smart stops have been designed to be waterproof and able to operate even in extreme frosts down to -40°C.

The individual stops continuously communicate with the Java backend server, which contains a complete schedule of timetables for Liptov and the Jasná ski center. Not all bus connections during the winter season run on time, due to worsened road conditions, so we equipped the individual vehicles with GPS modules. Thanks to this, we can determine exactly where the bus is located and, according to the expected route, calculate possible delays directly in the system.

The administration interface of the information system includes the management of smart stops, including setting individual permissions for stops and possible diagnostics and configuration remotely. If the system evaluates that the buses are at full capacity, it automatically warns the dispatcher about the need to strengthen the connections for the ski resort.

Visitors to the ski resort can use the mobile application for iOS and Android, which includes a simple search for connections and display of basic information about the ski resort. The search fucntion was created as a simple web component that can be seamlessly incorporated into a mobile application or directly into a website.

Remote control of smart bus stops

We have created an administrator interface for this project, through which we can send current information to totems. These show information about the ski resort and the next shuttle arrivals.

In the winter season, it is not uncommon for buses to be delayed due to deteriorating road conditions, but thanks to the GPS modules in each vehicle, arrival times are always up-to-date and very accurate, which those who are waiting on bus stops will undoubtedly appreciate.

Another valuable information for passengers is the occupancy of the connection. In the case of a full vehicle, it is already known in advance that it is necessary to take the next connection instead of waiting at a stop.

#Javascript #HTML5 #Java/Spring/Hibernate #Angular
Web-based system administration is an easy way to manage Smart stops via both computer or mobile device.
SmartCity project: bus stop totems controlled by an information system that communicates with them online.

Interactive totems for the ski resort and buses

We supplied information boards with digital LED panels, which we call “totems”, according to very precise requirements, including water resistance and functionality in temperatures up to -40 degrees.

We have developed a communication protocol that runs in the background, and thanks to which totems always display current information using Java technologies. Each totem has support for SIM cards, easy communication with a web server and remote device diagnostics.

#Java #SmartCity #ReactAPI

Connection to transport schedules

We can import the traffic chart into the backend of our system, from which the administration, totems and applications then download relevant data. Thanks to this, we can display up-to-date information on arrivals, departures and delays all year round, even in the case of several bus lines.

The mobile application can not only show the user the lines that run on a given day, but also navigate them to the nearest bus stop where the line actually stops. If a user is on a route where one of the lines is not running, they will not be shown that line.

#CVS/Excel #Java
Easy chart processing and upload for bus transport into an information system.

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