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Bratislava Hrajsa

Unique mobile application - a game that guides you through interesting places in the city of Bratislava.

Bratislava HRAJSA is a mobile application for iOS and Android devices. Thanks to the Bratislava HRAJSA game, players can explore interesting and educational locations.

We created the mobile application directly for the city of Bratislava, which wanted to present itself in a new and interesting way. For this purpose, we developed a manually illustrated and entertaining geolocation game.

Technical version

The creation of the Bratislava Hrajsa mobile application was also accompanied by the creation of an administrative environment, thanks to which the app can be configured. With web administration, the game can be fully edited, including locations, translations and embedded graphics for each game.

After launching the native mobile application for Android or iOS, the device will connect to the Java server. If a new game has been created, it is automatically downloaded to your Bratislava Hrajsa mobile application. After synchronizing with the server, the application can work even without an internet connection – GPS is enough.

This system makes it very easy to add new games to the application. The Bratislava Hrajsa project also includes support for paid games, which are activated in the application after entering a unique PIN code.

For Bratislava, we not only supplied the framework of the technology enabling the creation of geolocation games for mobile devices, but we also participated in the creation of a separate game – Wandering Bratislava, which serves as a welcome game for Bratislava’s Old Town.

Hand-drawn graphics tailor-made for the city of Bratislava

In one, our game truly excels – it’s beautifully drawn. We first photographed each site with questions from several angles and selected the key elements that we wanted to convert into a cartoon. Subsequently, we created hand-drawn illustrations that give the whole “pilgrimage” an exceptional touch.

Our goal was to capture the essence of all the places visited, so that they are recognizable even in this form, but also to portray them in a playful and unique way. Therefore, we recommend not rushing your journey, but enjoying every single place on the screen as well as in reality.

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Ručne kreslená grafika pre Android a iOS mobilnú hru
Vytvorenie mobilnej geolokačnej aplikácie pre Android a iOS zaraidenia.

Geolocation game for Android and iOS

Bratislava Hrajsa is available for devices using Android as well as iOS and uses GPS to determine the player’s position with an accuracy of up to 20 meters.

As soon as the player closes in on one of the sites, the application will offer brief information about the place, including certain historical points of interest, and then prompt the player to move on to the question. After answering, the player is directed to the next site.

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Generating a decree for successful players

After going through all the sites, the application (our witch Vydrica) will generate a unique decree with the player’s photo, which can also be printed.

The decree is in the form of an ancient document with the BKIS seal, and the more questions the player answers correctly, the happier the witch will be with the player’s performance. This decree also contains discount coupons for various activities and events, which can be changed up as needed.

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