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An information system that provides an economic overview of Slovak companies and public procurement.

With this project, we aimed to address the inadequate provision of economic information by the state, which despite millions of euros being spent, remains inaccessible and non-transparent.

The Transparex portal focuses on companies and their economic performance. It is a complete database of all companies and their financial indicators. In addition, it provides information on public tenders and public procurement – all conveniently and comprehensively in one place.

Behind this portal, services are constantly running to continuously update all data pulled from state registers, as well as mathematical analyses for evaluating individual entities.

Technical version

Transparex is an information system on which we have worked for more than a year and helped with the development as well as the supply of graphic materials.

We participated in the project mainly in the creation of scripts that continuously download data from state systems. We have consolidated all data from the public sector of the state administration into one comprehensive database and system.

Transparex is based on Java technology, with which we have created hundreds of services that automatically update the data, create mathematical analyses on top of them and then modify the data, as data from state systems is not always in the correct format.

We also helped Transparex with the creation of rest services, through which data from the Transparex database is sent to the website. Together, we brought innovations and proposals on how to correctly create such a complex portal as Transparex form a technological standpoint.

We actively communicated with economic experts, with whom we jointly incorporated formulas for financial analysis of data and companies in the system.

The development took place in an agile form – on the basis of weekly sprints. During the project, we had ample experience with Java, Spring, Hibernate, Spring security technologies and also with Cloud services. Together we made a security layer on the Transparex portal and a system for charging for services for the commercial segment.

Financial indicators of Slovak companies

Transparex aggregates all publicly available data from the central register of companies as well as other registers and makes them available in a clear form for any economic entity that needs to get a picture of a potential partner or client.

In addition to financial reports and management, you will also find the history of the company, owners and a mathematical analysis for the entity. Transparency and a clear idea of who to do business with comes first.

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Vytvorili sme portál, ktorý zobrazuje prepojenie firiem, finančné reporty a ekonomické ukazovatele.
Dodávka UX, UI, dizajn. Reponzívny dizajn pre mobilné zariadenia.

Data management

In addition to the design of the portal itself, we also participated in backend services, which process a huge amount of data and can subsequently export it in PDF form as financial reports. Mathematical calculations are constantly running in the background, on the basis of which the given subjects are evaluated.

The portal also continuously connects to state registers and other publicly available places, and all data is being funneled into one place, so that it’s always up to date. This system is even used by the Public Procurement Office itself to streamline its data.

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