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The Journeys of Young Corgoň

An educational game for mobile devices, that uses gelocation, designed for children and adults.

For the city of Nitra, we have created a geolocation application focused on the historical theme of Nitra and the era in which the game takes place. The mobile game guides players through the hills of Nitra and educates them in a playful way about the places they visit along the way.

Its goal is to teach players about the city while also getting them to explore places they might not have otherwise visited.

Technical version

The Journeys of Young Corgoň may look like a simple mobile project for iOS and Android. However, a really complex system is hidden in the background.

We created a web administration for the project using React technology. Here the city of Nitra can specify individual locations for the game Corgoň. All graphics, locations, answers questions and language mutations for Slovak, English, German and other languages ​​are entered here.

Data from the administration is sent to our server, built on Java, where a set of files is created, from which an application for iOS and Android is subsequently generated.

The mobile project of The Journeys of Young Corgoň is thus very easy to manage remotely, thanks to which the city of Nitra can change questions for locations, upload new illustrations or set rewards for players at any time. From the system on which the whole project is built, we subsequently created our own product for creating geolocation mobile applications – GeoGame.

Hand drawn graphics

For this project, it was important for us to capture the historical period in a visual way, so all illustrations in the application are made in a hand drawn style. We photographed each site in the initial phase and then thought about what precisely defines it.

In combination with historical photographs, drawings were subsequently made for each place, with which we tried to capture how the location might have looked in the past and convey this idea to players in a playful and aesthetic way.

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Hand drawn graphics for a mobile game.
The mobile application

A unique decree for players

Upon successful completion of the trip with young Corgoň, each player is issued a special decree, containing not only a photo of the player and a summary of their journey, but also discount coupons for various activities or events, which can be changed up as needed.

This decree can also be picked up in printed form directly at the city information center. Depending on the number of correct answers and points earned, not only discount coupons are awarded, but also gifts such as T-shirts, special coins and others that the player gets when receiving the decree.

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A unique application in the Nitrainian language

The Journeys of Young Corgoň, as the only application in the world, can also boast a unique dialect to which the app can be switched. It was the first to be translated into Nitrainian. And not just by anyone!

In cooperation with the association of Orthodox Nitrans, who took great care to make this local dialect really stand out, we were able to give the journey with Young Corgoň an archaic feeling that will amuse but also educate.

The mobile game
Android Code 2020. Our application won 3rd place in the category GAMES.

4ka Competition - the best application in the Games category

Our application also became more known by participating in the nationwide competition of the 4ka mobile operator, in which we won third place. We are extremely proud of this success, as the competition was attended by a selection of developers from every corner of the country with today’s well-known applications such as Hopin.

In the news segment of TV Markíza, they called us for an interview and we let some members of the TV crew even try the game on their own feet. To their surprise and our considerable amusement, they found out that this pilgrimage could not be completed in an hour or so, but at the same time they definitely had fun with it and perhaps learned something.

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