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Development of tailor-made
information systems

Why information systems from Starbug?

01 Streamlining processes at the company, which leads to reduced costs
02 Increasing the clarity of your business data
03 Reduction of error rate at work
04 Long-term savings of your capacities and money

How does the development of
an information system work

A successful mission begins with us.

Understanding the problem

Before you get started, there is a consultation regarding how the new information system can help your business . A thorough understanding of the issue helps to design a new information system to suit your business.

Design of functionalities

Based on the consultation, we prepare a list of functions that are suitable for your solution with an approximate price calculation.

Dividing the project into phases

We try to deliver the system to the customer as quickly as possible. The individual phases of the project will be prepared so that you can start using the information system as soon as possible.

Concept and analysis

Designing the skeleton of the project. Joint approval of functionalities and graphics before the start of actual programming.

Application programming

Create a system according to an agreed upon work schedule and project graphics.


Testing is performed by a independent test team to prevent the imperfections of the created application from being overlooked.

Deployment of the application

The individual agreed phases of the project are continuously submitted. An agile system allows you to get the feel of the project before the final product is ready.

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