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Fintech information system for professional advisory in the online space.

The digitization and transition of businesses to the online space are gradually happening in all industries. The financial sector is no exception. For the company FINVIA, we created a Fintech information system that allows financial advisors to offer their services with just a few clicks – without the need for in-person meetings with clients.

In this project, we were involved not only in the programming of a complex application with numerous forms that integrate with external systems but also in data analysis and graphics.

Technical version

The Fintech information system FINVIA is built modularly. The presentation application is developed as a standalone VUE application, which runs on the client’s own browser. Regarding the connection of the application to the database, it is implemented through the backend layer. This layer provides a RestAPI portion for the VUE application. The backend part itself uses Java, Spring, and Hibernate technologies. The security of the entire solution is ensured by Spring Security, which is an integral part of the portals.

The backend of the application is built on Java technology, which is integrated with customer’s internal applications. Authentication is carried out through the OAuth2 security protocol.

The entire application is deployed on the AWS cloud as a docker image. Since it is a financial product, placing it on this cloud ensures maximum security as well as full data encryption in the database.

As the project involved the creation of a complex information system, we created fully automated tests. These tests ensure that individual updates or deployments of new versions proceed smoothly and without manual testing.

Advantages of the project

All information in one place

To simplify the work of financial agents as much as possible, the profile of individual clients contains comprehensive information about their finances and creditworthiness, as well as an evaluation of their financial analysis.

Personalized financial plan

As part of the financial plan creation, the client only fills in questions relevant to them. For example, when asked about children, they select an option that applies to their situation. Based on this selection, additional relevant questions related to children are displayed.

Furthermore, when filling out the online form, the client can choose all the options they want to include or exclude from the financial plan. This makes each financial plan unique and tailored to the client’s needs.

Clear outputs

After filling in the basic information and completing the financial plan, clients receive a dynamically generated PDF. This document contains a summary of the provided financial information, including clear graphs.

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Maximum security

Regarding the disclosure of personal information, clients can be 100% confident in security. All data they enter into the system is maximally secured. Thanks to storage on the AWS cloud, the entered data is fully encrypted in databases.

Up-to-date data and technologies

For better visualization, various financial tools such as the current height of the interest rate set by the NBS or an indicative calculation of the mortgage amount have been implemented into the financial plan. Thanks to this tool, clients can more easily visualize the financing of their future plans.

The entire information system is created in a modern form. It is based on the use of the latest technologies, including data calculation through a dynamic calculator.

#aws #chromium #Java #Vue.js #PDF

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