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Teambuilding, which is unforgettable…

Do you know what makes our universe perfect? It's the fact that work for us isn't just about the office, but also about the team. Teambuilding with Starbug is simply amazing.

We know very well that a perfect team is behind our great results. For a perfect team, it’s important that we understand each other outside of the office as well. That’s why spending time together only at the office is not enough for us. We love meeting outside the office, where we can truly relax and have a great time.

You might think that organizing a teambuilding event is easy, but for us, it’s like a science. Why? Because arranging a unique event that everyone will remember for a long time requires a lot of time and ideas. So, after much thought, we came up with an original idea!

Why drive when we can fly?

…when we can be flown in by plane?
And so it happened. Wow! We left the cars at home and boarded a hydroplane, which right at the beginning of the event provided us with an experience of a scenic flight over Liptovská Mara and its surroundings. After the flight, we disembarked directly at Liptovská Mara, from where we were transported to the event venue by motorboat. Yes, it was literally a dramatic arrival straight out of an action movie. We don’t even need to say how much we enjoyed it, judge for yourself.

It Wouldn’t Be Possible Without Good Food

So we decided that since we’re spending time together in a beautiful natural setting, we’ll prepare something delicious to eat. What dish did we choose? Without a doubt and without debate, a hearty kettle goulash. Yum. The head chef was our software architect Katka, who, besides successfully leading the entire tech team, is also a great cook. However, just like at work, cooking wouldn’t go smoothly without teamwork.

Full bellies, fun until the morning—that’s also what makes a team.

Thanks to everyone pitching in, the goulash turned out great, and we all enjoyed it. There was also plenty of liquid refreshment, which ensured lots of laughter, good mood, and fun until the early hours. Teambuilding with Starbug is just like that. We really enjoyed this event and can’t wait for more shared experiences in the future.

Do you want to experience a similarly unforgettable event?

Our doors are open to all talented individuals. If you want to become part of our team, don’t hesitate to contact us.