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In today's modern world, data and files are no longer stored on hard disks or local storage devices. Instead, these data are maintained in remote databases - cloud storage.

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing, in simplicity, involves providing computing services – from servers, storage, and databases to software, analytics, and intelligence. The cloud itself is the internet, and the goal of cloud computing is to offer users faster innovation, flexible resources, and cost savings.
Cloud computing operates on the principle of renting access to anything that is available over the internet – including applications and storage.

Why should you choose this technology? What are the primary advantages of cloud computing?

As suggested in the previous paragraph, cloud computing has a multitude of advantages. We in Starbug have been working with the AWS cloud for quite a while now and these are our observations:


Thanks to simple access of the AWS cloud to a wide spectrum of technologies we are able to innovate faster and translate all your requirements into the final form. We can deploy individual solutions within minutes which grants us the freedom and unlimited possibilities to advance your business.

Cost Saving

Considering the cost of hosting one might think that Amazon cloud is an expensive solution in cloud computing. However, the contrary is true. We only pay for what we actually use. Actually, when the set-up is optimal, we bear nearly no costs.

Also, fixed costs in the form of data centres and physical servers no longer factor in and count towards cost savings. We pay for IT services only when we, in fact, really use them.

System Integration

We do not need to spend our precious time on integration with other information systems. Everything is automatically hassle-free. This is why we can fully focus on you and your business.

One-Click Localisation

The AWS cloud has infrastructure all over the world, meaning a data server can be placed in any country. Thus, an application or software may be placed, say, in Finland, or Canada by a single click.

24/7 Support

One lovely day we came to work to realise that one of our drives “got fried”. Not a happy news but the AWS support took care of the situation promptly. So, we lost nothing. Phew…

Aside from the AWS cloud being secure and reliable we found a couple deficiencies as well. Scalability, which is harder to adjust during use, is a slight problem with this type of cloud computing.

To summarise, cloud computing is an excellent choice for all organisations regardless of their size or type of business. And that makes us perfectly happy.

In addition to the fact that AWS cloud is secure and reliable, we have also noticed a few drawbacks. One minor issue with this cloud computing is scalability, which is more difficult to adjust during usage.

However, all in all, using cloud computing is a great choice for all organizations regardless of their size or field of operation. And that’s something we are completely satisfied with.

Ing. Martin Jurek CEO