Clash of the Titans? No! Together on one ship…


Are you asking where we get all that energy and inspiration for more projects? We will not lie. Even we sometimes feel the weight of routine in our work. Then again it does not mean it is something that defines us. Now and then we spend some time together away from the office so that we do not go crazy. And it has been the same way this summer when we took some time out to relax and have fun at the whitewater racecourse venue of the Areal Ondreja Cibaka. Again it was a chance to get to know each other under different circumstances, in unexpected and sometimes even uncomfortable situations.

Do you know how the cool IT nerds relax?

Teambuilding full of genuine fun is quickly becoming an inherent part of our life. We are all different and finding the ideal experience for all can be difficult sometimes. We do not underestimate the preparations and time it takes to arrange it. We wish to enjoy it not only as work colleagues but most of all as a great team of people because that is the foundation of our successful operation. A high quality teambuilding experience strengthens our team spirit and builds our sense of belonging to the team.

Aim twice, shoot once…

…. or a brutal clash of IT nerds.

We have truly enough of online and computer games. But to take part in a real paintball tournament was something we were all excited about. 14 IT nerds, 3 teams, no victor or loser. Just heaps of great unforgettable fun. Our paintball session was exactly that. We proved we are not afraid of challenges, we do not give up under any circumstances and we play until the last paint ball is spent.


And it goes without saying that after an exhausting fight we recharged our batteries by enjoying great food and staying hydrated by a well-balanced fluid intake.

Together on one ship

After quite a shootout and some recovery we jumped on the rafts to go whitewater rafting right in the heart of Liptov. Whitewater rafting and the beauty of the wild river has taught us that sometimes you need to work exceptionally hard and sometimes to just take it easy and let yourself drift along by the current. Once again it strengthened our belief that cooperation and team work can take us in the right direction and to the finish line.

And what does it look like when we let ourselves drift along by the current?

It may not always end up as we expected but it happens sometimes.

The wild river experience was not underwhelming. Not in the least, which is why we could not miss out on a break to rest a little (and top up on fluids).

We take our leave from this teambuilding event as is customary for great events: well rested and in high spirits, bursting with adventures but at the same time a little nostalgic. We cannot wait to have another one because we know it will definitely be worth it!

And to conclude…

… do you know what makes our team invincible?
The knowledge that nobody is the loser. Despite our paintball fight at times looking like “a clash of the titans” and our whitewater rafting like “a fight for survival”, we believe that cooperation makes us a winning team that can do anything it sets its sights on.

Do you want to experience a similar event? Join us!

Our doors are open to all who have a smart head on their shoulders.