Fuckups in IT podcast: You can’t sell anything on localhost

Martin CEO

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At the end of last year, I was a guest of the host Matěj Kotrba. Together, we discussed a topic that every entrepreneur or freelancer may encounter during their work. As a company that develops custom information systems and mobile applications for our clients, using technologies such as Java, PHP, or C#, we had the opportunity to learn about the pitfalls of keeping a product on localhost.

With Matěj, we delved into this issue and discussed the reasons why we try to convince the client that it’s better to release the product sooner, even if it’s not perfect yet.

It’s important to realize the risk of entering the market, because if you strive for a perfect product and continuously work on its development, you might miss the opportunity, as the competition, which may not have such a good product, could surpass you. Also, if the product is still being developed while customers are already using it, we can address any potential issues much more effectively.

So, when is the right time?

There probably isn’t a precise answer to this question, as we know that a product will never be perfect. It will always require updates. However, it’s important that it doesn’t contain significant flaws that could harm the customer’s experience and our brand. From our own experience, we know that a product can be released when we are satisfied with it.

What are our recommendations?

  • Software development should already take place in the cloud or a similar environment in which it will be deployed, because just transferring from localhost to the cloud can bring significant issues.
  • We don’t promote the project immediately after deployment. We test it with a small group of customers, and if we don’t find any significant issues, the customer can start a marketing campaign.
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Martin CEO