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Liptovcast: About artificial intelligence on Liptov

Liptovcast is a podcast where guests have the opportunity to share their stories, and at the same time, their fans from all over Slovakia can listen to them. Therefore, we have decided to open the doors to our IT world to you and also discuss the topic of artificial intelligence.

So, how did it all start and how does artificial intelligence help us?

Our journey started when we began programming custom mobile applications and information systems in languages like Java, PHP, and C#. We were a band of freelancers who suddenly had to leave our capital city, but our client, for whom we were working, still wanted to continue the collaboration. Over time, this small group of “IT guys” evolved into a real company.

Artificial intelligence is an integral part of any modern company. Thanks to this technology, businesses can save significant financial resources.

…and is our work boring?

Our work is not just about sitting at a PC and typing away. What is the charm of programming? Are there any limits in this field? Is artificial intelligence our helper?

How did I get into IT?

…I am a mechanical engineer who didn’t want to be one, and my first IT job even provided me with meal vouchers. How is that possible?

Listen to the podcast and you will learn many other interesting things. Do you want to know if anyone can become a programmer, what software or mobile application development entails, or something about programming languages?

We haven’t forgotten to evaluate Slovakia’s situation in IT or discuss the progress of artificial intelligence development in our country or around the world. We described the charm of an IT company in Liptov and mentioned our GeoGames and the secret of our unique graphics, among other experiences that continuously propel us forward.

All you need to do now is press play and immerse yourself in the world of IT. You’ll also find out how artificial intelligence can be utilized.