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Starbug year 2022 – a year full of challenges and experiences


Starbug year 2022

At Starbug year 2022 has passed by in the blink of an eye for us, and once again, we've experienced many exciting events and worked on numerous projects. Wondering what it was like? We've attempted to summarize it in the following lines.

What did the year 2022 bring us at Starbug?

Over the past year, our team grew by 6 new members. We worked on more than 10 projects (mobile and web applications, information systems…). Some of them we successfully completed, others we are still diligently working on, and more are just opening their doors to us in 2023, representing a new challenge for us.

Have you heard about us?

Over the past year, we shared some insights about us on the podcast Fuckups in IT and on Liptovcast. We talked about the challenges and pitfalls of the IT world. We also discussed the issues surrounding artificial intelligence and highlighted the charm of doing business in the software outsourcing sector in Liptov.

We also participated in the announcement of the prestigious Deloitte Technology Fast 50 CE 2022 competition, which nominates the fastest-growing technology companies. Additionally, our geogame, proudly named “Cesty mladého Corgoňa,” succeeded in the 4ka Android Code poll in the games category, securing 3rd place.

…but it wasn’t all about work

Because our universe isn’t just computers and software, or as mentioned in the podcasts, we don’t just stand in front of whiteboards. Our universe is also about fun. A lot of fun. The past year brought us a few celebrations right here in the office, because we never forget about any member of our team 🙂

And what about teambuilding? For us, it’s no problem. In the summer, we all gathered and enjoyed the sunshine at the Ondrej Cibák area. We experienced the thrill of rafting and the excitement of paintball, where we proved that as a team of programmers, we always know how to stick together. At the end of our game, none of us were winners or losers, just a strengthened team of colleagues. To finish off the day, we enjoyed some relaxation with archery. Of course, there was plenty of food and the right drinks to match the summer weather.

An autumn full of work well done flew right past and brought Christmas time on its heels. And we enjoyed these moments as expected. St. Nicolaus popped by. It is always a good thing to go back and indulge in your childhood memories.

Our programming kitchenette certainly could not lack for a Christmas tree which is where we started off our Christmas teambuilding experience. We all met there but that was just the beginning of the whole thing.

After we had said our hellos, we sat in our cars and drove to the Horsky hotel Mnich to savour our sauerkraut soup and delicious food. And what else happened? Baby Jesus showed up with presents and we soaked up the feel of Christmas whilst opening our presents.

But this being a true IT teambuilding event, there were more activities to follow. We test-drove a pair of “hangover glasses” which tuned us to the right wavelength to bring out our competitive side. Although in the end we all won because we just had the best time 🙂

Virtual reality was another activity to follow. It showed how much we can handle despite fear.

We chatted away during the day playing table tennis, billiards and table footy. Simply put – a day packed with challenges, fun and good food but first and foremost, a day without any work or duties!

And what about the year 2023?

We plan to expand to new markets in 2023. Our new programming challenges are taking us in the direction of the US market.

We keep up our efforts to focus on the AI development, specifically on informatisation and digitalisation of accounting.

And what did we wish for in the new year? We wished for it to be at least as successful as the last one, full of programming and fun.

Do you want to have a similarly unforgettable year of 2023 with us? Join us!

Our doors are open to all who have a smart head on their shoulders.