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In Starbug, the team is taking a break, even though the weather isn’t cooperating…

Since our programming team at Starbug is growing with members from various parts of Slovakia and many work from home, we met again for a team-building event to strengthen our team. Why? Because in a good team, work is more enjoyable, and every well-done job brings the right code. And mainly, because from time to time, even we deserve a programmer's break.

We can’t plan the weather in Starbug!

We firmly believed in Starbug that if we organized an event in the middle of summer, specifically on the last Friday of July, the weather would work in our favor, and we would be able to carry out all our activities outdoors under sunny skies. Unfortunately, the weather can’t be ‘coded,’ and we can’t ‘program’ sunny weather. However, we realized in this situation that it shouldn’t be an obstacle, so we enjoyed our day off despite it.

Instead of outdoor activities like wall climbing or crate stacking, we had to move indoors, but we still tested our team skills in less adrenaline-filled disciplines.

Teamwork, tested…

…successfully! We divided into three groups and competed together. In the premises of the Horský Hotel Mních, the Starbug team exercised their logical thinking with the well-known game Tower of Hanoi, which took us back to our childhood. More challenging in terms of thinking and teamwork was the construction of Da Vinci’s bridge, but we all successfully completed it. After the intellectual tasks, we tested our aim and reflexes at the airsoft shooting range. The winning team, led by our skilled project manager Monika, guided her colleagues to the successful finish first. However, the others were not disappointed, as the main goal was to have fun, and we all achieved this completely.

Just like with coding, competing made us really hungry at Starbug. However, we had thought of everything, and right after the activities, we moved to the gazebo in the hotel’s area and started the perfect barbecue with all the trimmings. We enjoyed our time while grilling with indoor activities like ping-pong, table football, and air hockey.

Finally, we moved to Liptovský Mikuláš, specifically to the Gameroom at Route 66.

Would you like to experience a similarly unforgettable adventure? Join us!

The doors at Starbug are open to all the clever minds.

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