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Bratislava - Hrajsa

Bratislava HRAJSA is a mobile game for iOS and Android devices. Thanks to Bratislava HRAJSA, the players gets to explore interesting and educational lokations. We created the app directly for the city of Bratislava which wanted to present itself with a new and intrigueing way. The geolocalizing game HRAJSA was created for this purpose.

Technical design

The project includes two parts. Mobile apps that were developed as native solutions and a server side which manages the remote addition of locations into the mobile game itself. The server side of the project is build in Java, Spring, Hibernate and Angular. Hrajsa includes several kinds of games that can be created and customized via the admin interface. Each game can be played without an internet connection after it downloads into a player's device for the first time. For this purpose we needed to create a whole gaming platform for creating games through the server side.

Development - Starbug
Game Flow - Silveste Buček (
Paint Grphics - Baláž Horváth (

  • Tablet
  • SmartPhone
  • Android
  • iOS

External sources

Multiple games support

Bratislava Hrajsa supports the creation of several different games under one app. The games are created and manged through a custom admin interface and after confirmation, each player can download the game into their device.

Testovanie mobilnej aplikácie
Testovanie mobilnej aplikácie

Decree for the player, discount coupons

After finishing a game, the player gets an automatically generated decree with the level that they accomplished. This is sent as a PDF to a previously supplied email address or alternatively to a place where it can physically picked up. The decree includes the player's name, level achieved with its respective ilustration. Logo and the player's picture which gives the decree a more personal feeling. The decree can also include various discount coupons, tickets and similar rewards meant to motivate the player to visit cultural and other events.

Testovanie mobilnej aplikácie

GPS localization

For the player to be bale to answer the game's questions, they have to actually be on the given location. The game uses the device's own GPS to confirm this.

Testovanie mobilnej aplikácie
Testovanie mobilnej aplikácie

QR code localization

The second option for localizing players that is supported are QR codes that can be scanned by the player to get the next question for the game.