It is not only important to know about the technology but also to know how and when to use it


We develop a proposal on how the app will work and how it will be used from a user perspective. The specification takes into account that the final solution should be as simple to use as possible and that it meets the functionality requirements.


The technologies to be used are selected according to project requirements. Each project has its own specifics and therefore the right choice of technology is a key aspect of success for proper functionality, price and delivery time.


Starbug directly implements projects and participates in the development, testing and deployment of the application. We can cover the complete development part of the project. We offer development capacities for projects as well as for external cooperation.


What we have worked with and what are our strengths

We mainly develop Java applications because they provide us with the ability to create solutions that can be easily transferred to different application platforms, such as desktops, web portals, and last but not least, mobile devices. The design of the product is created directly for the client - tailored to all their needs. We have qualified and certified people doing design, architecture, and project development.

When creating projects, we use application frameworks that we select directly according to the project requirements. Technology choices take into account: technology solutions, experience, pricing and if the technology will be easy to maintain beyond the application phase of the project.

In the technology section, we've made a list of technologies we worked with on commercial projects.

Oracle Java SCJP certificate

Java development
Mobile development


Our main focus is the creation of customized information systems for clients. We create desktop and web applications according to client requirements and needs. We build the projects mostly on Java / J2EE technologies, with which we have many years of experience. We know how to completely design the system, realize its development, test it and put it into production. Web projects are mostly built on the Spring and Hibernate frameworks, so we can guarantee the easy transfer of the project to another database or to another web server.

Java Spring Hiberante
Java Servlet Faces RichFaces ICEfaces
Google Web Toolkit LibGDX Apache Maven


Since the demand for mobile applications on the market has been steadily growing, Starbug has used its significant expertise and experience in Java and has started to create applications for the mobile sector. Our native applications are not built on CMS systems, so they do not contain any technological restrictions that come with the use of a CMS application generator. This approach provides solutions that are nimble, support a wide range of devices, and their functionality can be extended very easily.

Android iOS Windows Phone

HTML a JavaScript

Starbug does not directly specialize in website creation. Our focus lies with information portals that are mostly made as web applications. That is why we have gained much experience with many technologies in web development. We have good programming skills in JavaScript, which we also use to build map portals.

CSS HTML5 JavaScript
Bootstrap jQuery WebGL


We have several years of experience in creating GIS (Graphic Information Systems) projects. We can deliver GIS solutions for desktop, mobile, and web interfaces. We have developed a solution to create map portals that can link the database partition to the server and then visually map the content to the map base.



J2EE applications are mostly made in Spring technology, so we can easily guarantee their functionality on different application servers. During our work, we mainly developed applications on Apache Tomcat, Oracle WebLogic, and JBoss. Apps are also delivered with the necessary server configuration for a trouble-free running of the solution on test and production servers.

Apache Tomcat Oracle Weblogic JBoss