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An innovative connection between hungry customers, restaurants and couriers via a web portal and mobile applications.

A new food delivery service, built for Callio. In this project, the end users are not only customers, but also restaurants and couriers. Therefore, we designed a solution for each of them, tailored to their individual needs.

We have developed a very comprehensive backend, complete graphics, innovative features, delivered SEO optimization and continue to serve as a support team. And all of this for three separate applications that together form the whole system.

Technical version

We covered the complete IT part of the project. We manage the creation of the website, the information system that runs in the background, mobile applications for Android and iOS (client applications, courier applications and applications for restaurants), UX design and improvements for the entire solution as well as graphics delivery.

The project is developed by an agile system – the requirements are defined on an ongoing basis, on which we actively cooperate so that the project continues to grow and suits both partners and clients.

The main backend of the information system is based on PHP Laravel technology. Mobile applications are not hybrid solutions – they are all created natively for the environments on which they run. The project also includes support, active work on the database part and connection with customer systems.

Mobile applications communicate with several external services, whether with Stripe and Callio payment gateways or with services for calculating the courier route, calculating the order delivery time according to the current traffic situation, or push notification services and working with the Firebase database.

Partner applications were created in several forms, with support for tablets, mobile devices and also POS terminals. Through a certified POS term, the system can print tickets for restaurants and their chefs, according to which they know which order is accepted and what needs to be cooked.

The most complex part of the project was the creation of a system that reliably connects different applications into one unit, with a sufficiently high-quality system response. All communication services on the project have been performance audited and are designed to burden the database as little as possible.

Currently, the site is visited by thousands of users daily from different mobile devices and web browsers, which was another big challenge for us – to design the system so that it is stable even under the given conditions.

We actively cooperate with the project and we constantly try to bring innovations and technical improvements so that the project truly becomes a number one on the market.

Order food via the mobile application

There is nothing particularly new about ordering meals online, but we have created a truly unique and comprehensive system for, which shines not only with its attractive design, but also with its ease of use.

Specialties such as the possibility to pay with Callio gastro tickets or the Stripe payment gateway, the estimated time of arrival of the courier and a comprehensive connection with the applications of couriers and those directly in restaurants make this portal exceptional for the customer, but also for the food locals.

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Mobile application for iOS and Android for ordering food. Easy connection between the mobile application and the web portal.
Native mobile application for Android devices. Application for couriers of the delivery information system.

Courier application is not only used for ordering, but also makes life more pleasant for couriers. The separate application we created for them offers an overview of the content of the order, the place of picking up the order and the place of delivery, real-time tracing together with the estimated time of arrival and also the generation of documents.

It also calculates the estimated earnings from each order according to the distance of the trip and other factors and generates financial reports. It supports multideliveries, thanks to which the courier can pick up several orders at once and then deliver them as efficiently as possible according to the automatically calculated route.

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Application for restaurants

On the side of restaurants, we have done everything to make ordering and delivery work smoothly – a separate application works on tablets or POS terminals connected to the cash register for direct printing of orders and cash receipts. Restaurants have the opportunity to manage their menus and a selection of additional goods in full directly in the app, so the customer is always informed about the current offer.

After placing the order by the customer, a notification is sent to the app via push, to which it is necessary to respond within a certain time in order for the given restaurant to confirm the receipt of the order. Subsequently, the nearest available drivers are notified based on their location. Tracing couriers has its justification and that is why can deliver food to the customer as quickly as possible.

#Android #Firebase #POS Terminal
Tablet mobile application for restaurant devices. Creating a project for the delivery service.

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