Outsourcing and consultation Consultation

Outsourcing and consultation

Are you running out of time or missing more technical people on your project? In that case, outsourcing can be the best choice for you. We offer our free capacities for outside projects. Borrowing people or a larger team will bring you a lot of financial savings for your project. You do not have to train people, build a working team nor buy expensive licenses and technical equipment. Product development remains fully under your brand.

Prior to establishing our cooperation, we conduct a detailed analysis of the problem and the technologies involved in the project. This helps us to choose the most suitable candidate/s for your project. Our people are considered to be the key people on any given project for their expertise.

We provide capabilities in IT development and software development. Our people are experts with vast experience and high-quality IT education, who have already collaborated on larger IT projects.

We have many years of experience with providing free capacities for outside projects.

Technologies we use


IT consulting and system design

Constructing an IT project and designing it to create functional software is not the easiest thing to do. Especially when, nowadays, there are a lot of technologies and possibilities to create software. A good selection of technologies and properly selected software development processes can save a lot of time and money at the end of the day. We have been involved in large projects and many times our role has been the one of an architect and designer, deciding how systems will be interconnected together and what technologies will be used to work on the project. Choosing the right processes and techniques means knowing their strengths and weaknesses and whether or not the individual parts of the project will communicate with each other. From our point of view, the construction of a high-quality structure for the project is one of the most important parts and can have a tremendous effect on the project and its potential to work efficiently and bring the customer the required quality.

Training in IT technology

Our technical expertise is often called upon by commercial companies, which we provide with the training of staff/team for their future work on the project. The expertise and unconventional approach and, above all, the ability to know how to present the issue is clearly a priority reason for which the companies tend to order our services. We have a long-term ongoing collaboration with IT Learning, for which dozens of IT training and software development courses have been held. The main focus of our trainings is Java, J2EE, mobile applications, game development and multiplatform applications. The trainings are prepared individually according to the requirements and IT experience of the people participating.