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Mobile apps

Mobile apps are our favorite. With the growing demand for mobile solutions for both small and large businesses, we are able to respond with confidence with years of experience as well as with successful products from our workshop. We offer tailor-made solutions made for all major operating systems. Starbug focuses on the B2B as well as the B2C segment and knows how to operate in both. The number of users of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices that grows every day offers unprecedented opportunities.

Modern mobile apps depend mostly on a well-oiled server side. Creating and designing the server part for a mobile application is not a problem for us as we have spent a long time in the development segment of J2EE applications. The server part is predominantly built on Spring and Hibernate technologies which give us a very fast development cycle. The server part is modular, so we have a lot of things to re-use and thus save you money to develop your product.

Our process

Mobile application design

Analysis and specification

We will determine your requirements and create a design for your future product. We propose features that will enrich your product to be successful in the world of mobile applications.

Implementation of mobile app

Implementation and testing

The development cycle consists of implementing a solution and its subsequent testing. The software is created directly by us, the Starbug people.

Deploy mobile app

Upload and success

A favorite milestone for us as well as for you. We deliver the finished web, application, or another project with all the necessary materials and files, as specified. We oversee its flawless run.

Mobile app programming for Android is based on the Java programming language. In regards to Java, we have a great experience from J2EE projects. We have also leveraged our knowledge in the development of mobile applications. The creation of a mobile application is based on stable Java fundamentals and certifications in this area. Our people are also working in the field of teaching of the Android operating system. We do custom-made courses for the commercial sector – we teach employees of companies and whole teams of people to work with Android. Through the form of consultation, advice, and development, we address the issues our partners are currently dealing with.

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Apple products and their mobile and tablet devices are a long-standing number one in the world's ranking of applications. There already is a great need to direct our products to this platform in Slovakia. Starbug is involved in multiple iOS productions and we can offer both native and portable solutions from other platforms. Ported solutions are done through Objective-C generation. Applications are swift and have no problems when being approved by Apple once they are put on the AppStore.

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iPhone Apple mobile apps development
Windows Phone mobile applications

Even though Windows Phone devices do not have a strong market position, they are still very popular in business applications. The easier connection of Windows Phone devices to a desktop operating system is the right step for success for some business projects.

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