Liptovcast: About artificial intelligence on Liptov


Liptovcast is a podcast where guests can share their stories. It is available to fans from all over Slovakia. And it is the reason why we have decided to open the door to our world to you as well.

So how did it all begin?

Our journey started when we got down to programming custom-made mobile apps and information systems in the programming languages such as Java, PHP or C#. We were a bunch of freelancers who had to suddenly leave our capital and the customer we were working with at the time refused to stop working with us and so, over time, the rather compact group of “IT nerds” turned into a real company.

… and they say our job is boring?

Our job is not just about being glued to a PC and typing away on the keyboard. Where lies the beauty of programming? And are there any limits in this field?

How did I end up working in IT?

… I am a mechanical engineer who, it turned out, did not want to be a mechanical engineer and in my first IT job I only made do with meal vouchers. How come?

Listen to our podcast and you will find a whole variety of other interesting information. Want to know, if just anyone can become a programmer? How information software or mobile application development works? Or something about programming languages?

We did not fail to share our opinion on Slovakia and IT or the progress made in the development of artificial intelligence on our home turf and abroad. We talked about the beauty of having an IT company in Liptov and also mentioned our GeoGames as well as the secret of our unique graphics and our other experiences that keep us continuously moving forward.

Now, just click play and let yourself be drawn into the world of IT.