JAVA AND J2EE APPLICATIONS Information systems

Java and J2EE applications

Java is the most widely used programming language in the world. It's the ideal technology for creating web business portals, desktop applications, and mobile applications. Java is very complex and contains many superstructures/extensions(frameworks).

For Java, it is absolutely essential to master frameworks, their use, advantages, and disadvantages. With this knowledge, you can build an application framework that will ensure a fast, high-quality development of your future project. For medium and large projects, Java is the ideal choice that can greatly facilitate work on the project and ensure effective development.

Programming Java/J2EE applications is the key industry on which we keep our focus. In this sector, we have certified professionals with more than 10 years of experience. Our long-term experience in the development of major projects will also be leveraged in the creation of your project.

Cross platforming - application portability

One of the biggest advantages of this programming language is the ability to transfer your application to different application platforms. With the right design and usage of the right techniques, there is no problem transferring your application from one platform to another without any major problems.

J2EE - Web Solutions

Business enterprise applications are the place where Java feels most at home. For most users, they are known as complex web applications. It is exactly these kinds of projects where Java shines and shows its strength and great efficiency in terms of speed and quality of product development. We mainly use Spring technology for the development of web solutions.

Technologies we use

Apache Maven
Oracle WebLogic