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iPhone mobile apps

Apple products are not only a trendsetter but also a very important part of every mobile business. Even though the iOS operating system is not a global drive for mobile operating systems, these devices can be a huge asset to your business.

Apple products have their own target audience and very high-yield customers, resulting in the highest profits in the mobile apps business.

iOS users are more willing to pay for apps. Apple's app approving process is more strict than their competition, but the resulting reward will yield far greater gains from a mobile app for your business.
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Although Apple's iOS is not the most used operating system in the mobile segment, Apple's long-term profit from products dominates the competing Google Play store for Android devices. The chart shows the profitability of the mobile sector business and the expected earnings for 2021. So why not start doing business in this sector now? We will help you with everything along the way.

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The iOS update process ensures that most users have the latest operating system. This is a tremendous benefit for developers and for your product, which may not be supported by older versions of the operating system.

Comparing the competition and performance of devices in the same price category is lengthy, and in principle, it always ends in a way, in which everyone is right in their own view. From our point of view, one of the great advantages of Apple is that their products contain a large number of external hardware devices that can enhance phone features. Whether they are different sensors, external cameras, body measurements, scientific equipment or others.

Do you have an application in mind that uses external hardware? An Apple product in combination with Starbug is the right choice.

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Designing, development and programming of an application is merely the process of preparing its launch into the world. Apple has its own rules, and application deployment is subject to their various policies, otherwise, the created app won't be necessarily approved by Apple to be published on the AppStore. Knowing the rules and knowing how to properly program your application is very important in this regard. We can help you deploy the app and show you how to get your app to the top of Apple's mobile AppStore searches.