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Starbug year 2022 - a year full of challenges and experiences

Another year has come and gone with the speed of light and we have again been through many new events and worked on lots of projects. What was it like? Well, that is exactly what we have tried to sum up in the lines that follow.

Clash of the Titans? No! Together on one ship…

Are you asking where we get all that energy and inspiration for more projects? We will not lie. Even we sometimes feel the weight of routine in our work. Then again it does not mean it is something that defines us. Now and then we spend some time together away from the office so that we do not go crazy. And it has been the same way this summer when we took some time out to relax and have fun at the whitewater racecourse venue of the Areal Ondreja Cibaka. Again it was a chance to get to know each other under different circumstances, in unexpected and sometimes even uncomfortable situations.