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BPM applications

BPM (Business Process Modeling) applications serve to analyze businesses and business processes. Process modeling helps you design, improve, streamline, and easily visualize the sequence of steps to complete the overall task. BPM applications help to visually model processes and tasks so that they can be easily optimized, understood and improved. Business process modeling consists of graphic blocks that represent objects. Objects contain the information and properties of any given part of the process. Object modeling consists of functional blocks that represent the overall process in the final version.

Modern, ready-made BPM tools often do not offer enough modeling for companies. Process modeling is a very specific business issue for companies and therefore companies use tools that they can have developed and custom tailored to their needs. This will provide businesses with efficient performance, minimize costs and give businesses a lot of conveniences as the software is built to their specific liking. Customized BPM tools allow you to integrate specific business requirements into your app and maximize work efficiency.

Starbug BPM framework

While working on commercial IT projects, we have developed our own framework for creating BPM tools. We continually improve this framework and use it to create new BPM applications at our customers' requests. Our solution is based on the latest technologies, which guarantees potential for the future. It stems from existing projects and therefore has all the features necessary for a full and efficient development of your future BPM application.