Android Mobile Apps

Android is the most widespread operating system for mobile platforms. We create native mobile apps for these devices. Part of our work is application design, graphical processing of your product, consultation on good product direction and final deployment.

We focus on both public and private business applications. We offer the development of a backend server partition that will handle your application and store data in Cloud systems. Backend solutions are developed in Java, with which we have the most experience.

Android is built on the Java programming language. Our years of experience from large Java applications have been transferred to Android. We have certified people in the field of mobile technology development in our team.
Android application design


Quality design is the cornerstone of success for your future product. The documentation and proper design of the project framework ensure smooth running for the next phase of the project. Do not neglect the most important thing and have a technical design made for your project.


Creating a project that is easily portable to different devices requires proper programming. Experience on big projects gives us great insight on how to properly develop apps to work on the widest range of Android devices.

Mobile application development
Mobile App testing


We test apps on a large set of devices with different versions of the Android operating system. Large projects are often tested by our partners who test the application on hundreds of different devices. Quality design, good programming techniques, and good testing are all key to the success of your project.


Having a quality product today is not enough. Google Play – the mobile app store has its own rules to evaluate which apps will be on top of the search results and which not. Put your app among TOP apps! We will help you achieve this.

Deploy Google Play