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Starbug was established in 2013 with its focus oriented on Java technology. We are a team of experts who concentrate on what we love the most - developing software. Over the years, the company's portfolio has grown and amongst its main goals is the creation of business solutions tailored to clients' requirements as well as IT architecture, programming and provision of technology capacities for various projects. We specialize in Java/J2EE projects built primarily on Spring and Hibernate technologies.

A new branch of industry that we decided to pursue is the developement and research of JavaCard NFC cards. We have a great amount of know-how in this area and we're helping our Japanese partner SMK-Logomotion to develop a product using this technology.

We build our products using the Java programming language, which gives us an easy option to re-use the finished solution for different operating systems and different devices. This modular way of programming saves your time and your money.
Software development

We have worked on several major banking and eGovernment systems. Our products are modular and that gives us great flexibility in development of a new product or when modifying an existing solution that can be built from finished parts of other, already existing solutions. This way, we provide quality and a tested delivery based on previously succesfull products and, of course, save time and money for the customer.

Long-term experience and professionals with an enthusiasm for IT are a good prerequisite for the success of your product. In IT, we often do trainings and lectures for commercial companies in the field of security, software design and development. Our people try not only to do the project well but also try to show the customer the direction in which the development of their product should be heading to be the most successful for client growth.


Java Java/J2EE applications
Java has been with Starbug since the very start. Our people have many years of experience in the development of Java/J2EE, Hibernate and Spring projects. We customize Java web solutions as well as desktop applications. Our expertise in Java is heavily leveraged while designing systems as well as leading professional training sessions for companies.Read more
Programming of information systems Information systems
Information systems are tailor-made and not CMS-based. Most of our J2EE web applications are based on Spring and Hibernate technologies. In the frontend area, we devise map portals and BPM modeling tools. Software development is performed using proven and reliable IT technologies. Read more
Mobile applications development Mobile apps
The ever growing trend in mobile apps has not passed over our heads. We create native mobile apps for OSX (iPhone), Android, WindowsMobile, and JME mobile platforms. We can implement applications from one code on different platforms, which gives the client a great deal of cost and time savings for their project. We share our experiences with companies through training courses. Read more
Smart Card Smart Card
Application Development for NXP developed NFC Smart Card Devices. Work with JCOP applets MIFARE and DESfire. We have long been collaborating with SMK-Logomotion, a Japanese partner in the development and research of JCOP/NFC applications for SmartCard. We know how to create JCOP applications for SmartCard as well as import solutions to mobile devices that do not support native NFC.
BPM applications BPM systems
Creation of customized modeling tools. We have created our own modeling framework in HTML5 and JavaScript technologies, and on its base, we build our BPM solutions. Starbug JavaScript BPM framework allows us to create an application that works in web browsers without having to install additional plugins. Read more
Software Outsourcing Outsourcing
Outsourcing or the lending of resources is one of the ways in which companies can save a lot of money in the IT area. Companies do not have to train experts and keep them on the project at all times even if that time isn't properly utilized. In the field of outsourcing, we have several years of experience and we offer people with long-term experience and very good technical background. Read more